The thermodilution Infusion Catheter is made of extruded radiopaque polymeric tubing with five lumens in the catheter body. One lumen is to inflate or deflate the latex balloon which is located at the distal end. The proximal lumen port is located 29 centimeters from the catheter tip. Thermistor port is located 3.5 centimeters from the distal tip. The distal lumen exits at the tip of the catheter, and is used for pressure monitoring. The infusion lumen port is located either 25 or 31 cm from distal end.


Each catheter is packaged in a peel-pack tray, sterilized, pyrogen free and consist of thermo formed tray holding catheter, protecting balloon from abrasion and free of all particulate matter.

Catheters Length Marking:

Each catheter has clear, easy to identify increment markings every 10 cm along catheter body.

thermodilution_Infusion_Catheter thermodilution_Infusion_Catheter description and specifications